United Kingdom

The UK Chapter of Europortfolio was launched via a webinar, jointly convened by the CRA and Jisc, on 7th May, 2014

This provided participants with the opportunity for UK practitioners to:

1.            Learn more about the Europortfolio project.

2.            Consider how the development of a distinctive UK network might add value to our own work and that of the Project as a whole.

3.            Reflect upon the current position in respect of eportfolio implementation in the UK, with an explicit focus on the emerging opportunities and challenges.

Stimulus contributions looking ahead to emerging challenges and opportunities were provided by:

•             Sarah Chesney, on emerging user (staff and student) roles.

•             Shane Sutherland, on emerging technological possibilities.

•             Professor Peter Hartley, on key questions, (particularly key research questions) for the future.


Subsequently, participants were invited to register and become a member by signing the Europortfolio Charter at the Europortfolio Portal www.europortfolio.org



Colleagues can view the slides used in the presentation at the links below

Opening presentation - http://www.slideshare.net/EPNET-Europortfolio/uk-chapter-europortfolio

Sarah Chesney -  http://www.slideshare.net/EPNET-Europortfolio/sarah-chesney

Shane Sutherland - http://www.slideshare.net/EPNET-Europortfolio/shane-sutherland-first-eur...


And hear a recording of the webinar at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikNXQjDonUM&list=UU2oH_De0RVa4Ao5upQNGcXA

This report draws heavily but not exclusively upon the Europortfolio community portal.  It also acknowledge a variety of other communities of practice, including those related to personal development planing and eportfolios (PDP-AND-E-PORTFOLIOUK@JISCMAIL.AC.UK) and specific eportfolio providers, such as Pebblepad and Mahara 
In the UK Jisc is undertaking a Study on “Technology for employability”.  Part of this is exploring how e-portfolios are being used in the higher education, further education and skills sectors, specifically in relation to developing student employability. If this is of interest to you and you have experience to contribute, please consider completing the  online survey.  This can be reached at https://jisc.researchfeedback.net/wh/s.asp?k=143168770453...
The Open University (OU) is building on years of knowledge, experience and research into Open Educational Resources (OER) with its release of innovative new free Badged Open Courses (BOCs). These have been developed in response to the needs of informal learners who are seeking access to study skills and to have their learning recognised.“We have listened to the changing needs and requirements of our informal learners using our open platforms” says The OU’s...
Life as a GP is busy enough, without having to worry about collecting evidence to justify that you are doing a good job.However, appraisal is here to stay, as is revalidation, as part of a five-year cycle of appraisals.We all try to do a good job, but we have to keep the necessary information to make our appraiser and responsible officer aware of this.  CPDFor CPD we are most likely to self-assess any learning we undertake and justify the learning in units of hours or RCGP learning...
UCL’s Faculty of Engineering Sciences is radically overhauling its undergraduate curriculum, explicitly incorporating professional development via reflective practice using a suite of online tools for students to develop intentional learning plans and log progress under the guidance of personal tutors and others. This workshop gave an early review of this new programme and sought peer input. Read more about this workshop here http://www.recordingachievement.org/news-and-events/events/...
Student led session at the CRA (Centre for Recording Achievements) 14th Annual Residential Seminar in Birmingham  Download powerpoint here http://www.recordingachievement.org/images/pdfs/SEMINARS/sk.ppt
This workshop session looked at how the University of Bolton has run a very successful Teacher Training (TT) programme for many year. The programme has recently been revisited and revalidated and its Professional Practice Portfolio (PPP) key module has been enhanced to ensure it fits practitioners, market and institutional current 'e'Needs. The workshop shared this new approach. Download the powerpoint here http://www.recordingachievement.org/images/pdfs/SEMINARS/mrst.ppt
This report focuses on entrepreneurial spirit in education. It is the latest in a series of moves from the government to make sure that young people leave education ready to work, with the skills and experience employers are after. The review covers the full breadth of education and is aimed at education leaders, teachers and all those involved in policy and delivery of teaching and learning.Lord Young’s recommendations mean that students will be able to rank university courses by their...
The UK Minister for Skills recently commissioned the Further Education Learning Technology Action Group (FELTAG)  to make recommendations regarding the use of technology in Further Education - and in particular the barriers placed in the way by Regulatory Bodies, Funding Bodies and Awarding Organisations. The full report - and Government response - is available here .While eportfolios do not feature recommendation 5 reads: Awarding bodies to explore the use of “open badges” to...
The first meeting of the UK Chapter of Europortfolio – in the form on an online webinar – took place on 7th May with support from the Centre for Recording Achievement (CRA) and Jisc.  Three short presentations – from Sarah Chesney on ‘user perspectives’, Shane Sutherliand on ‘technological possibilities’ and Peter Hartley on the ‘research agenda’, provided a context for discussion and served to emphasise that many of the issues in...