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Workshop design is following:AimsTo present the ePorftolio Introductory CourseTo present the general framework of the courseTo receive feedback about the general framework of the courseTo receive suggestions of user needs in relation to learning about ePortfolio at an introductory levelTo receive suggestions for prioritized learning objectives for the user OutlinePresentation of the framework and structure of the ePortfolio Introductory Course. Session part 1Brainstorming session, where participants in groups of two produce “yellow notes” with one word describing what they would like to gain from an ePortfolio selfstudy about ePortfolio. They then agree on “yellow note” and glue them unto shared shiteboard/part of wall. Session part 2Everybody explains there yellow note. Session part 3Yellow notes which seem adjacent or similar are placed alongside each other. ...
The ePortfolio implementation guidelines aim at helping you with implementing ePortfolios. You can find the guidelines here: of the workshop:to present and reflect the guidelinesto receive feedback and suggestions from participantsto collect user needs from participants