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05.02.2016 to 03.06.2016
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ePortfolio Green Paper

Why doesn't everyone have an ePortfolio?

If ePortfolios are such a wonderful thing, we should all have one, shouldn’t we? Why isn’t this the case? What does it say about the state of the art of learning and technologies? Is it because technology is not mature enough? Is it because the learning environment, especially the formal one, is not conducive to ePortfolio practice?

Put differently, what is the causal relationship? Is the underdevelopment of ePortfolios an indicator of the current underdevelopment of authentic learning and assessment, or do we seriously believe that any valuable ePortfolio practice can take place in an unauthentic, artificial learning environment? 

Challenging Statements

  • ●  The underdevelopment of ePortfolios is an indicator of the current underdevelopment of authentic learning and assessment.

  • ●  Why bother with ePortfolios if only grades are valued? They are one more constraint on top of all those already existing!

  • ●  If you really believe in the value of ePortfolio, then start by creating the conditions for authentic learning.

  • ●  Within a formal educational system lead by a centrally designed curriculum, the most likely outcome is reinforced compliance. 

The Europortfolio team is looking forward to the comments and reactions of the ePortfolio community to those and more challenging statements regarding ePortfolios!

We are using Google Doc, a practical means for collecting comments and editing suggestions. The whole process is entirely public. The editing is performed by Serge Ravet who produced the initial draft  on which you are invited to contribute.

Table of contents of the Green Paper

Introductory question:

  • Why doesn't everyone have an ePortfolio?

ePortfolio and stakeholders:

  • Who really benefits from the introduction of ePortfolios in an organisation? Who has the real ownership?
  • Are ePortfolios the authentic voice of the learner?
  • Why have we not seen the emergence of community ePortfolios?

ePortfolio and learning:

  • Do we need ePortfolios to learn?
  • Do we need ePortfolios to reflect?
  • Are ePortfolios conducive to better learning?
  • Do ePortfolios motivate learners?
  • Can ePortfolios be graded?

ePortfolio and technologies:

  • Have ePortfolios reduced the asymmetry of the learning environment?
  • Are there technologies specific to ePortfolios?
  • Who are the main beneficiaries of ePortfolio technologies?
  • Could ePortfolio technology be designed and managed with and by the learners?
  • What is an Open ePortfolio?

Learning, ePortfolios and innovation:

  • What is the actual impact of ePortfolio on learning and teaching practice?
  • Are ePortfolios a disruptive innovation?
  • What innovations in ePortfolio technologies over the last 10 years?
  • Do ePortfolios encourage innovation and creativity?
  • Under which conditions could the introduction of ePortfolios lead to learning innovation?

ePortfolios & Open Badges:

  • Are Open Badges a nice add-on to ePortfolios or a means to reinvent ePortfolio technology and practice?
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Education / lifelong learning
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