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Why doesn't everyone have an ePortfolio?If ePortfolios are such a wonderful thing, we should all have one, shouldn’t we? Why isn’t this the case? What does it say about the state of the art of learning and technologies? Is it because technology is not mature enough? Is it because the learning environment, especially the formal one, is not conducive to ePortfolio practice?Put differently, what is the causal relationship? Is the underdevelopment of ePortfolios an indicator of the current underdevelopment of authentic learning and assessment, or do we seriously believe that any valuable ePortfolio practice can take place in an unauthentic, artificial learning environment? Challenging Statements●  The underdevelopment of ePortfolios is an indicator of the current underdevelopment of authentic learning and assessment.●  Why bother with ePortfolios if only...
To inform future decisions related to ePortfolio technologies and practices, this White Paper aims at providing an understanding of the possible benefits of the adoption of the blockchain (public, distributed ledgers) a technology that is creating the conditions for an entirely new approach to creating, storing, sharing and exploiting ePortfolios.The emergence of the ePortfolio at the beginning of the 21st century was the result of the encounter of established practices (portfolio and reflective learning) with emerging digital technologies (the Internet and the World Wide Web). This encounter has lead to the emergence of new technologies (e.g. ePortfolio Management Systems) that in turn have influenced ePortfolio practice (e.g. authentic learning and assessment), that in turn...We are now at the dawn of the emergence of a new technology, the blockchain (a public, distributed ledger)...
Workshop design is following:AimsTo present our Project perspective on competencies and their recognition/accreditation (Section One of the document)To offer our understanding of how ePortfolio tools and technologies can support the recognition/accreditation of competencies (Section Two of the document)Outline:Part 1 [45 min]:[Presentation with handout]A definition of competencyKey dimensions of competency recognition/accreditationo Trusto Forms of evidenceo Granularityo Development v. summative achievementDiscussion and feedbackPart 2: [45 min][Presentation with handout]Supporting tools and technologiesDiscussion and feedbackResources:Working version of the competency & recognition framework.Workshop presentation.Handout.