EUfolio: Pilot Updates and comparison of ePortfolio platforms

EUfolio. EU classroom ePortfolios is a project devoted to pilot teaching with both Mahara and O365 as platforms for ePortfolios in lower secondary classrooms in Cyprus, Ireland, Lithuania, Slovenia and Spain.

At the project's partner meeting in Cyprus on 25 and 26 September, the piloting partners presented some of the results of their (still ongoing) pilots. The meeting was preceded by a workshop for using MS Office 365 as an ePortfolio platform.

The findings of EUfolio so far are: For a successful implementation of ePortfolios, teachers have to be put in the center first. This is, how they get acquainted to the learner-centered way of working with ePortfolios in the classroom. Assessment for learning - including self-assessment of the students and peer-assessment - also plays a big role in the ePortfolio approach.

The fact that working with ePortfolio platforms is only enjoyable with proper infrastructure (good WIFI and appropriate hardware) should not be neglected, either, when an ePortfolio policy is developed.

The EUfolio piloting partners are now elaborating case studies of ePortfolios in classroom which will be available in early 2015. They will also give examples for learning designs and ePortfolios of students.

In April 2015 the project will be concluded with a conference on 22 April 2015 at Dublin castle. This will be also the place where EUfolio's Policy Maker Manual will be presented. Besides the keynote speakers and the project partners, teachers from all piloting countries will share their experiences in workshops. Save the date!

Please click here to find a more detailed report on the meeting and project outcomes at EUfolio Mahara. Klicken Sie hier um den Bericht auf Deutsch zu lesen.