‘Digital Badges make progress’

A recent survey into the implementation of Open Badges, based within the UK, has confirmed that show that there is a lot of interest in their use, but the majority of institutions who responded[1] are at an exploratory stage.  Specifically, the concept of Open Badges seemed to be accepted, but there were several issues raised that are inhibiting their adoption.  These fall into two main categories:


  1. Institutional level consultation


While some academics are using badges within modules, there were only two institutions where badges had been implemented fully across the institution with a policy or framework to support this implementation. Many responses demonstrated instead that it was individuals or small pilots exploring the possibilities of badges without any consultation at an institutional level.


  1. Technical issues


While the VLE was stated as the method that the majority of institutions were using to issue badges, many commented that upon investigation the solution provided by the VLE needed further development and may not be fit for purpose.


This work will be followed up with a larger survey in the autumn exploring what the potential of badges are, what pilots are being conducted, what technologies are being utilised and what are the barriers that institutions are finding difficult to get over. So watch this space!