Resources from ePortfolio & Open Badges Maturity Matrix Webinar

The Europortfolio team presented on July 2 2014 the "ePortfolios and Open Badges Maturity Matrix". The objective was to collect feedback from practitioners and experts on a document that is aimed at helping organisations to plan and reflect on current developments and lay the foundations for the development of a review tool (self-assessment) that will be used to plan, monitor and review ePortfolios and Open Badges policies, technologies and practices.

What was presented is an alpha version (draft) of the Matrix and we are looking forward to the feedback of the community to produce a beta version that will be used to build the self-assessment tool. Based on the outcomes of the self-assessment tool's exploitation, a final version of the Matrix will be produced.


If you want to start contributing, the maturity matrix is accessible at:

* - a pdf to download

* - a Google doc open for comments. Editing rights will be provided to those willing to work with us

 For more information about working on this please email 

Slides are available at