Open Badge Passport Announcement

The first version of Open Badge Passport ( was published in April 2015. It’s a service developed by Discendum, where anyone can easily receive, share and manage their Open Badges. Open Badge Passport is free for personal use and is useful for anyone who earns Open Badges.

Open Badge Passport is fully compatible with Mozilla Backpack. Earners can easily import their badges from their Mozilla Backpack into their Passport and from their Passport into their Backpack.

A key advantage is that Passport users can automatically receive badges that are issued by the Open Badge Factory platform without intermediate steps. Open Badge Passport also supports multiple email addresses, so users will receive their badges in one place even if they have been issued with different email addresses.

Open Badge Passport offers its users several innovative features such as the ability to rate the badges you’ve earned, to share them where you like and with whom you like and to create mini-portfolio pages.

Naturally, you can also share your Open Badges on social media. Social sharing of badges and pages is currently possible on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, in addition to ePortfolio systems.

The service also features a Gallery, where users can explore badges and mini-portfolio pages shared from all over the world. We plan to add more exciting social interaction features in versions to come.

Open Badge Passport is a cloud-based service which will be actively developed over time, driven by the needs of diverse projects in collaboration with a growing global community of users and developers. One of these projects is the DML Trust Challenge Open Badge Passport project, which will be launched at the ePIC conference in Barcelona June 8-10, 2015.

Discendum Oy