Europortfolio at Online Educa Berlin

Your opportunity to get up-to-date with the work of Europortfolio at Online Educa Berlin!

Members of the Europortfolio network will be leading a pre-conference event ‘Eportfolios and Open Badges: Support for Educational Change’ in Berlin on 3rd December.  This will offer participants the opportunity to learn more about new products being developed for the community, including:


  • Maturity Matrix which will enable you to evaluate your progress with implementation, and provide ideas on what might need to happen next;
  • Recognition and Competency Framework identifying how e-portfolio tools and technologies, together with Open Badges, can support the requirements of competency recognition;
  • Guidelines for the implementation of eportfolios in organisations;
  • New ePortfolio Introductory Course to support the implementation of eportfolios by practitioners.

Open Badges, ePortfolios and personal learning environments are topics that are still being developed.  In this event we will develop our ideas with you, and make sure the products we are developing in Europortfolio are usable by, and useful for practitioners.

You can find a link to Workshop description at: 


We look forward to seeing many of you there!